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Wrecking Crew
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The Wrecking Crew, so to speak, once consisted of seven silly and slightly retarded high school girls from Pembroke, Ontario: Amy, Sarah, Alyssa, Carolanne, Melanie and Jaime. We called ourselves the Bish Wrecking Crew because we went to Bishop Smith High School, and we thought we were important enough to merit our own clique title. Really, we were just a group of friends like any other.

We all graduated, we all grew up, we all got lives. There were good times, there were bad times, and there were mediocre times. If you’re looking for the truth of what happened to our tight-knit clan, you’ll probably never get a clear picture. All we have is our personal truths and ideas. We’re spread across this country – sometimes even spanning the globe – and a good few of us have grown apart. That’s just life. All we have is our memories, and we keep this little niche in cyberspace to try to keep each other in mind from time to time.

So to the few that read this little diatribe, know that you were the reason I made it through high school and all of my adolescent crises. Though I choose not to speak to some of you, I acknowledge both the good and bad that you brought to my life. Sometimes it’s better to know when to cut ties, and sometimes you have to fight for what you’ve got – and some of us clearly understand this mentality better than others might.


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