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Words to the Wise on Uni Life

It was sitting in front of my face the whole time: why not just post to the wrecking crew community to talk to all of y'all?

So yes, now I shall tell you all about my... place.

^^  And I will work on uploading pics to Geocities.  Or maybe I should just get one of those photobucket things.  Anyway!  My first week of classes at Guelph was very good.  The work, there is a lot of it, but it's very straightforward if you pay attention to lecture and labs.  So any of you guys considering uni (Brit, C.A.,) or if you decide to go to uni after college to upgrade (Sarah, Amy), it's not -that- daunting.  What I have found the most daunting is not the classes or workload (it is a step up from H.S., but not -that- huge of one!), but the amount of freedom.  If you're used to being told what to do, you'll definately find it difficult to keep up. 

But on the plus side: you're given course outlines that details EVERYTHING and when it's going to happen (quizzes, assignments, etc etc) the first day!  I dunno if other unis do that, but Guelph does, and it's cool.  And I dunno if it's done at college, either.  It helps you know what's gotta be done when.

Blah blah blah, enough about academia, I guess.  Rez life is fun... my floormates run the gamut of stereotypes from a partier to a health freak to a sporty person to me (the nerd)... it's pretty darn cool.  We don't party on our floor, but there's always something cool to do on the weekends.  And guests -are- officially allowed, so if you have a fourday weekend coming up and you feel like putting up with me for a day or two, you are now officially allowed to, because the University said so. =P 

And here are the pics I've been claiming to have for the past three weeks.  I do have pics of my RA and floormates, but I won't post them. ^^ 

Mountain Hall from outside

The cool Mountain Hall logo near the caf

My desk, early in the morning and messy

My bed, unmade, messy, and my porch/balcony/window

That's all for now.  I figured this way, everyone can see it all at once.

*points to her current music and screams*
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