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And now for a lesson in rhythm management:

Some changes, though slight.

I deteled the aimsly account, and switched the maintainer status over to this account. So, everything's controlled from here, and you can now delete the other journal, as it no longer exists.

Two, changed the layout an itty bit. Still needing something shibbier, but this shall suffice. I mean, come on -- it's Foamy. Who doesn't love Foamy? NUTS TO YOU!

I propose a get-together. Sometime soon. For all of us. I'm not saying when exactly, because that depends on many factors:
-Sarah's job
-Alyssa's job
-CA and Jai's rides
-Brit's car

:+: ------------------------>

Fuck, you guys bombarded me in the middle of a post. You guys are fucking awesome mind-readers. But yeah, more get-togethers. Much love!

<3 Amy.
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