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Because I'm a genuis...

Ok, listen up BWC! We're going camping! Yes, you heard me: camping! like tents, woods, fires, bugs. The whole 9 yards. Rissa and I came up with the idea. It'll be at Black Bear, and it won't just be the BWC; everyone's invited. But there will be no hanky panky on anyone's account. You want to grope, or be groped, do it on your own time. There may be two campsites, one for girls and one for guys, just to satisfy parents and depending on how many people will be coming. I'll be phoning the campsite within the next few days for prices and to see when we can get a site(s). Hopefully next weekend. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for me; I'll probably be playing phone tag next week. Go planage. :D
Later days!
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