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CD Roms of the Shows We Love

Guess who has ALL of Undergrads and ALL of Clone High on CD Roms?

Me! So I propose sometime in the next four months we getting together with popcorn and Pepsi and watch these shows. If I can finish off all of Clone High while studying for my Physics final - we sure can take a weekend to watch 13 episodes!

"I didn't see it coming, and by it I meant me!" - JFK


I daresay everyone's doing okay... I'm just about crazygonuts; but I shall be wandering the streets of Petawawa in five days time.
HOLY SHEEAT, five days. Yes, I'm well aware that it's three AM and I'm rambling and why the hell am I not in bed? I'm NOT TIRED! My room is almost all boxes once again (sound familiar?) and all I can say is holy shit, has it been eight months since Brit drove me all over Renfrew County to say goodbye to everyone? What the hell!? I know I've been all boohoo about leaving Guelph, and ratatat boom and all those noises, BUT! but I'm really freakin' excited to spend The Last Summer Vacation of My Life at home chillaxin wif the BWC before we all start the Next Phase Of Our Lives and other sort of Milestones Only Denoted As Such Via Capitalization.

Yes, this is a little crazy entry. And I'm going to take that entire last paragraph as a cue to go to bed.

In short: Clone High/Undergrads! For old times' sake! Soon! Summer! Us! HANGING OUT.

Ciao, girls.

- a very tired and study stressed Jai
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