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Wrecking Crew

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[25 Dec 2006|12:04am]

[ mood | happy ]

MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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That time of year... [02 Aug 2006|01:55pm]
Happy birthday, sephzer ♥ Much love!
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List ten things you want to say to people, but know you never will. [15 Jul 2006|01:58pm]
[ mood | Contemplative ]

You know, I was considering actually doing that retarded "meme", spouting off ten things to ten people - things I'd never tell them to their faces, or admit to thinking. But after reading Jai and Britt's entries, I realized how incredibly harsh that is. Those were a load of negative comments slung to a few people who can obviously be identified, whether they realize it or not. And you know what? I don't agree with it. I think that those things should be kept to yourself, or discussed with the person they concern. If you can't say it to their faces, don't say it at all, and have everyone guessing "who should dump who", or "who's a drama whore".

You're entitled to your thoughts and feelings, but if you're going to say things like that, expect a bit of back-lash. If I have a problem with anyone, I'm going to tell it to their face instead of hiding behind a locked LiveJournal entry. Things like "would it kill you to be your OWN person for once" or " you're not perfect, so just fuck off"... Harsh. I thought we were all supposed to be growing up, and getting beyond this kind of drama?

If any of those confessions you guys posted were about me, leave a comment here (screened entry) or email me. Really, it'd be nice to know. I just think it's pretty low to make judgment calls about people, when we all know that nobody's perfect (and I'll be the first to admit it).

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Summer Events [14 Apr 2006|05:01pm]

[ mood | crazy ]

Hey dudes.

If in the event a get-together is ever planned, (Are there any planned?) and I'm also invited, who'd be willing to keep me for the few days said event is taking place?

I mean, you know you're always welcome here, but I figure since the vast majority of you will be back in Petabroke anyway, I'd ask.

In the summer semester, I have mondays and fridays off, and could afford to miss a Tuesday or two. So a weekendish thing is always possible. Despite what I say, I don't mind coming back for a few days every now and again if it's to hang out, but I will need somewhere to stay.

XD I'm listening to this album way too much. *shrug*

Back to studying with me.

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Jai [04 Jun 2005|10:27am]
[ mood | creative ]

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CD Roms of the Shows We Love [19 Apr 2005|03:00am]

[ mood | omgwtf ]

Guess who has ALL of Undergrads and ALL of Clone High on CD Roms?

Me! So I propose sometime in the next four months we getting together with popcorn and Pepsi and watch these shows. If I can finish off all of Clone High while studying for my Physics final - we sure can take a weekend to watch 13 episodes!

"I didn't see it coming, and by it I meant me!" - JFK


I daresay everyone's doing okay... I'm just about crazygonuts; but I shall be wandering the streets of Petawawa in five days time.
HOLY SHEEAT, five days. Yes, I'm well aware that it's three AM and I'm rambling and why the hell am I not in bed? I'm NOT TIRED! My room is almost all boxes once again (sound familiar?) and all I can say is holy shit, has it been eight months since Brit drove me all over Renfrew County to say goodbye to everyone? What the hell!? I know I've been all boohoo about leaving Guelph, and ratatat boom and all those noises, BUT! but I'm really freakin' excited to spend The Last Summer Vacation of My Life at home chillaxin wif the BWC before we all start the Next Phase Of Our Lives and other sort of Milestones Only Denoted As Such Via Capitalization.

Yes, this is a little crazy entry. And I'm going to take that entire last paragraph as a cue to go to bed.

In short: Clone High/Undergrads! For old times' sake! Soon! Summer! Us! HANGING OUT.

Ciao, girls.

- a very tired and study stressed Jai

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[30 Mar 2005|12:53am]

[ mood | crazy ]

I just realized that this still existed. How dumb am I? (don't answer that)

I just thought that I would tell you all that I love you and miss you all. (Yes I miss you too Britt).

So yah...

Long Live... stuffs?

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[31 Jan 2005|01:32pm]
[ mood | bored ]



You both suck.

Brittany, you LIE! You'll never visit us. Eveeeeeeeeeeeeeeeer...

So many lies...

:D [24 Dec 2004|07:23pm]

[ mood | content ]


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We're here for ya [07 Dec 2004|06:41pm]
[ mood | sad ]

Hey Aimsly. I hope you're doing okay. It's hard right now. Just remember, we're all here for you.

For everyone else who can make it:

Murphy's Funeral Home
Thursday 2-4pm and 7-9 pm.

Friday at the only church in Lapasse.

*Sarah, I have to go Thursday at the 2pm one due to babysitting issues. I most likely have to drive that day, cause I have a dentist appointment that morning.

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:) [29 Sep 2004|08:19pm]

[ mood | content ]

Hi. How are you?

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Words to the Wise on Uni Life [21 Sep 2004|12:40pm]

[ mood | happy ]

It was sitting in front of my face the whole time: why not just post to the wrecking crew community to talk to all of y'all?

So yes, now I shall tell you all about my... place.

^^  And I will work on uploading pics to Geocities.  Or maybe I should just get one of those photobucket things.  Anyway!  My first week of classes at Guelph was very good.  The work, there is a lot of it, but it's very straightforward if you pay attention to lecture and labs.  So any of you guys considering uni (Brit, C.A.,) or if you decide to go to uni after college to upgrade (Sarah, Amy), it's not -that- daunting.  What I have found the most daunting is not the classes or workload (it is a step up from H.S., but not -that- huge of one!), but the amount of freedom.  If you're used to being told what to do, you'll definately find it difficult to keep up. 

But on the plus side: you're given course outlines that details EVERYTHING and when it's going to happen (quizzes, assignments, etc etc) the first day!  I dunno if other unis do that, but Guelph does, and it's cool.  And I dunno if it's done at college, either.  It helps you know what's gotta be done when.

Blah blah blah, enough about academia, I guess.  Rez life is fun... my floormates run the gamut of stereotypes from a partier to a health freak to a sporty person to me (the nerd)... it's pretty darn cool.  We don't party on our floor, but there's always something cool to do on the weekends.  And guests -are- officially allowed, so if you have a fourday weekend coming up and you feel like putting up with me for a day or two, you are now officially allowed to, because the University said so. =P 

And here are the pics I've been claiming to have for the past three weeks.  I do have pics of my RA and floormates, but I won't post them. ^^ 

Piccy Clicky!Collapse )

That's all for now.  I figured this way, everyone can see it all at once.

*points to her current music and screams*

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Just because I'm bored... [10 Sep 2004|11:25pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

I'm REALLY bored. Babysitting really sucks when you have no one to talk to... and scary when you get freaky phonecalls from people you don't know.

Anyway, I thought I'd post due to the fact that no one has really posted in this. I think that... Nope... I got nothing. -le sigh-


I love you guys! -cries like a drunk-

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[17 Aug 2004|02:16pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Get this guys:

Maclean's Magazine published a ranking of "Canada's Best Schools", and lo and behold, due to the DR thing... Bishop Smith Catholic High School was right there! If anyone get's Maclean's, go to page 42 of the August 23rd issue.

Damn that's cool. And we graduated from there.


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And now for a lesson in rhythm management: [09 Aug 2004|10:41pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

Some changes, though slight.

I deteled the aimsly account, and switched the maintainer status over to this account. So, everything's controlled from here, and you can now delete the other journal, as it no longer exists.

Two, changed the layout an itty bit. Still needing something shibbier, but this shall suffice. I mean, come on -- it's Foamy. Who doesn't love Foamy? NUTS TO YOU!

I propose a get-together. Sometime soon. For all of us. I'm not saying when exactly, because that depends on many factors:
-Sarah's job
-Alyssa's job
-CA and Jai's rides
-Brit's car

:+: ------------------------>

Fuck, you guys bombarded me in the middle of a post. You guys are fucking awesome mind-readers. But yeah, more get-togethers. Much love!

<3 Amy.

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Because I'm a genuis... [24 Jul 2004|01:11am]
[ mood | happy ]

Ok, listen up BWC! We're going camping! Yes, you heard me: camping! like tents, woods, fires, bugs. The whole 9 yards. Rissa and I came up with the idea. It'll be at Black Bear, and it won't just be the BWC; everyone's invited. But there will be no hanky panky on anyone's account. You want to grope, or be groped, do it on your own time. There may be two campsites, one for girls and one for guys, just to satisfy parents and depending on how many people will be coming. I'll be phoning the campsite within the next few days for prices and to see when we can get a site(s). Hopefully next weekend. Keep your eyes and ears peeled for me; I'll probably be playing phone tag next week. Go planage. :D
Later days!

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[23 Jun 2004|02:44pm]

[ mood | cheerful ]

You know what the best thing is...we are the BWC and the BWC is forever!! No one will be forgotton or left behind!! All for one and one for all!! :D We'll be old ladies some day having tea together remembering it all...and laughing really really hard! :P We are true friends and true friends last forever!

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[23 Jun 2004|10:46am]

[ mood | melancholy ]

Dear BWC:

If I was told at the beginning of Grade eight that I would have this wonderful circle of friends who are as diverse and eccentric as all of you are, I would have told whoever said it that they were insane. Nobody would want to be friends with a style-less little geek like me.
How very wrong I was, wouldn't you say? In the span of five years, I have gotten to know each and every one of you. Sometimes I ended up knowing sides of you that were less-than-ideal, sometimes you got to know the same sides of me. Sometimes we fought, sometimes we didn't. But most of the time I was blessed with the best experiences of my life. Each and every one of you is special, and like I said in page 47 of the yearbook (or whatever page it's on), you are the reason why BSCHS was never silent for me. Why the school was tolerable. And so I say my long-winded farewells to all of you.

The original two. That's what we are. I have known you since I got here, and what can I say, I'm prouder than hell of you. You probably want to hang me for writing something so sappy but I'm sort of despondent about not having anyone to oil the creative cogs at three in the morning. Somehow I think I'll be emailing you at three in the morning from Guelph because I can't write. You and I have endured family changes and moving houses and we just plain understand each other. You've been one of my best friends, if not the best, for the past seven years. We have a lot in common, and I think that you are going to go a hell of a lot farther than I will with the pen. When your first book comes out, I want a free signed copy. And make sure to discredit Briand in the dedications section. Thank you so much for being a sympathetic ear over the years and an all around fun person. There are plenty of things we can remember but they're innumerable. From HP to the XRP, our creative minds have kept us together where our academic minds have diverged. And perhaps that is the best thing about our friendship. It's all creative. :D Best of luck to you and congratulations on getting into Nipissing. We'll co-ordinate our visits and surprise everyone else. You rule and you know it.

Voltaire said: "I despise what you say but will defend to the death your right to say it." I find that it's rung true for the past three years of being your close friend. But many of our disagreements come not from hatred, but rather a mutual desire to understand each other. And maybe it's only happened in the past few days in the wake of the realization of what this all means, but I think I can say that I understand you. And that in itself means the world to me. You will go far. You don't think so now... but it will happen. The only advice I can give to you is to realize what matters to you and don't let anything discredit it. Hold onto what you believe and keep your ideals strong. You are talented, and your talents will reap their own benefits in time. Once you are ready, I think, you will move onto the next thing, to the next place, all on your own. Remember also that when things get difficult is not the time to bow out; only the time to work harder. You'll leave what you dislike behind. I have the utmost faith in you, and I love you almost like a sister. I intend completely to keep in touch with you and never hesitate to call or email should you need an ear.

If there's one person whom I am reluctant to leave, it would be you. Fate has dealt you quite a hand, and needless to say, you've played the game as best you could. You are a talented individual, a better writer than me - and you know it so shut your mouth :D - and your hilarious antics have kept everyone smiling. You've rescued me from my hellish household several times, and my only regret is that I never reciprocated the action enough. The fact that you denied your like/love for Ian for so long entertains me to no end. You two will do great. Your love of movies that I haven't seen is hilarious. I think I know most of Fight Club and Once Upon a Time in Mexico now. Card playing and script writing... your too-slow realization of David Thanter's ethinicity ("So, he's Jewish?")... it has defined us over the past year and a half. The times are great... and I guess now is the time where I am to give you advice. And here it comes. Keep your 'msuci' playing at all times and remember: life IS a musical and is full of second chances. Do not let one failure drag you down. Just keep your nose to the grindstone and FOR THE LOVE OF GOD realize that you can't do everything at once. ;) Prioritize and you'll do just fine, and once you're ready, you'll be able to get the F out. You will come and visit me. You will. This is not up for discussion.

The fateful summer of doom a go go. Where would I be without C.A.? I'll tell you where! A complete recluse is what I'd be. Whenever I felt neglected there you were on my doorstep. It lasted for one whole summer and now one whole year. I have to say I owe large portions of my current sanity to you. You were my ear during my mom's deployment, and you're still my ear now. You've put up with me, which not too many people can claim to have done. You sing and do math with amazing proficiency, and you like Hugh Jackman just about as much as I do. It's gonna be tough not having you knocking on my dorm door at Guelph every other night but I think I'll make do. I'll be emailing you constantly for advice on you-know-what. You and Dale will be fine, I know it, you're strong people. Remember our awesome times together, writing and dancing and becoming a tad too inebriated for our own goods. The Mole! MOW YOUR LN! It's great times ahead and you know it. You too will visit me. And we'll play Dreidel and drink Scotch. I'll be your friend for as long as you can stand me ;)

We're going to see Harry Potter! I swear, I'll come back just for that. What to say to Sarah! Well; the ray of sunshine in the BWC doesn't need reassurance because I know that underneath your happy-go-lucky exterior you're as tough as nails. You've never let adversity get you down. The Polite Complainer shall go far in life. I've come to know you as such a friendly and generous person, and I've been priveledged to know your friendly and generous family as well. It will be a change not to be able to watch you grin every morning and know that it'll all be okay because if you can find something to smile about, I sure as hell can. You've reminded me not to be stupid, and your trust over the past couple of months has meant a lot to me. Whenever I'm in Math 1200, Integral Calculus with Professor Weiner, I will think of you. Remember tha Mole too, because you were there. And if I come back and find that you and HE have not hooked up, I will take forcible measures. LOL. ;) Best of luck to you and, just like everyone else, visit. You've been a great friend.

So there it is. Tonight, most of us take a flying leap into the future. Some of us are leaving, some of us are returning to Bish, some are stayin around for college. But today I've realized that I've been lucky to have a group of people who stuck together and took the best journey of my life along with me. I hope that you all feel the same way, that these five years were worth it. I sure do, and while part of me doesn't want it to end, part of me knows that it has to. And it's going to... but the friendships will remain. That is my final piece of advice: Jobs and trends come and go, but solid friendships will last forever. The BWC will last forever. Of this I am sure.

I won't be around as much as you may think right now. I won't have the time nor the money to do so. So I ask you all to keep in touch. I'll have 'net access in my room and the whole nine yards, and I'll let you all know when I come up. I just don't want to be forgotten, because I won't forget any of you. I think I will be fine and I will continue not to be stupid. Maybe I'll come home with souvenirs one day. Or something. This is the point of this tirade where I'm feeling so emotional that I don't know WTF to do.



I will see you on the flipside.

Love, always and forever,


Nuts To You!

yay! [05 Jun 2004|01:10pm]

[ mood | excited ]

Prom tonight! I can't wait to see everyone all prettied up! :P I just got my hair done and i love it! I can't wait to see everyone elses! yay! :P

Nuts To You!

Ba-zing. [01 Jun 2004|01:12pm]
[ mood | artistic ]

Sarah, stop complaining :P
--4 days until Prom
--15 days until exams
--22 days until graduation

:D Shibby! -Does a dance-
Hungry. I am. And I'm such a procrastinator.


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